Water, Art and TIFF: What Do These All Have in Common?

Millennials are constantly on the search for something more.

Disinterested in the confines of previous generational regimes and societal expectations, millennials are an impressive force behind consumer change and continued creative exploration and celebration. It seems we would rather explore beyond boundaries than exist within them, and brands are taking notice, adopting their strategies to go beyond marketing and embrace concepts with more meaning and more social and creative responsibility.

In celebration of the Toronto International Film Festival, ARTO LIFEWTRTM created an 8-foot interactive art cube installation featuring bold artwork from renowned international artists MOMO and Craig & Karl, as well as a live painting by Jason Woodside. The ARTO LIFEWTR art installation is located in David Pecaut Square for the remainder of TIFF. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jason this week to talk about the installation and the inspiration for his work:

N: What were you most excited about for the installation?

J: I think, mostly — and this has a lot to do with my art in general — is the cultural impact, and I’ve never been in Canada before. So it’s really cool to be in a situation where I can paint and also connect with a new community.

N: What would you say is your inspiration for your art? How would you describe your style?

J: Movement, light, and nature I would say. In terms of my style… it’s funny, people ask me this a lot, and I find it tough to answer. I would describe it as ‘vibrant’ if nothing else.

N: Did you have a plan for what you were going to paint on Saturday?

J: I actually never do. I get anxiety if I think about it too much and it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to — it just gets a little contrived. I remember one of the first paintings I had ever done, I hand drew it first and found out really fast that that wasn’t the way I wanted to do it, so now my process doesn’t include mocking anything up. It’s a very free-flowing, intuitive process where I start at one place and just go from there.

N: When did you break into the industry?

J: I’ve been drawing, painting and making things in general since I was a little kid, but I’ve been doing art professionally for the last 10 years.

N: What made you make the jump into the professional sphere? Did you always know you were going to do that?

J: No, definitely not. I didn’t know that it was possible honestly. It’s funny when you start to get paid for doing something that you love, and it just started happening for me and I knew I couldn’t do anything else in my life — this was what I needed to do.

N: And did you go to school for art?

J: I actually went to film school, I was really fascinated with cinematography, camera angles and light. The movement and storylines I love in regards to film actually translate into my art now.

N: You’re mentoring some OCAD students at the art installation on Saturday, could you tell us a little more about that?

J: I was totally in their shoes at one point, and to be honest I didn’t have that many people to talk to… so I’m excited to have the opportunity to chat and paint with these students and shed some light on this becoming a reality for them and a successful living.

N: Is there any specific advice you can share in regards to making art your career?

J: I remember when I was just starting, and I would get shot down by absolutely everybody. My Mom and Dad were always a crazy support system, but even they would say things like “Okay, you should probably get a real job” — but the truth is, if you love something, it supports the longevity. I think if you do anything that you really love, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to make a living off of it. If I could do it, I genuinely think anyone could do it.



By using their bottles as a canvas to profile work from emerging artists, ARTO LIFEWTR fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration, and hydration. New ARTO LIEWTR labels will be released in a series of three and change throughout the year, showcasing the work of creative influencers in the realm(s) of graphic design, fashion, fine arts, photography and more. After all, who ever said drinking water had to be boring? Invite a splash of creativity into a staple of your daily routine, literally.

For the first roll-out of label designs, ARTO LIFEWTR will be featuring the captivating work of some of the boldest and most transformative artists of today:

Jason Woodside – His large-scale works infuse optimism through colour and design and have appeared in New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney.

MOMO   Most recognized for his vivid, large-scale murals in public spaces, made with homemade and adapted tools, and seen most notably in Jamaica, Italy and the United States.

Craig & Karl With Craig based in New York and Karl in London, this transatlantic duo collaborates to create bold work which communicates simple messages in a thoughtful and humorous way.