Veterans Can Ride for Free and Will Be Honoured By a Two-Minute Pause on the TTC Today

Not unlike usual, the TTC will stop for two minutes today.

Except today, on Remembrance Day, the pause in service will be a deliberate and a welcomed action. All TTC vehicles will stop at exactly 11 a.m. today to observe a two minute reflection on the sacrifices for peace made by Canadians.

It won’t be completely abrupt, of course; subways will be held at station platforms, bus and streetcar operators will stop their vehicles at a regular service stop prior to 11 a.m. and remain there for the duration of the pause, and Wheel-Trans vehicles will be brought to a stop at a safe location.

Current and former members of Canada’s military will also be able to take transit for free today, though they may be required to show service medals/ribbons to receive free access to buses, streetcars, subways. One companion may travel with them free of charge as well.

The TTC will display other gestures of remembrance as well, including signs reading “Lest We Forget” and a message that will run on all platform video screens.

Calgary, meanwhile, decided to offer veterans free transit after a last-minute proposal was approved in council. The idea for this gesture originated in Halifax.