This is What a Unique Two-Story Penthouse in the Heart of Quebec City Looks Like

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We are thrilled to showcase our first Quebec City property located in none other than the most prestigious spot in town: The Jules-Dallaire Complex.


Even though this 27th floor penthouse offers a panoramic view of the city, that is not what makes it unique. It happens to be built on two stories, and not by original design. The owner, Alain Parent of Les boutique Eleganza, purchased two units one on top of the other and spent the better part of a year negotiating with the building’s administration to break through the floor and transform his two condos into one.

After 1.5 years of paperwork and renovations, the property is almost complete. Just like his boutiques, he is all about offering the best experience and every square inch of this home has been thought through to offer the best for his guests and himself. Take a look.

2Very well furnished with the latest and greatest in appliances and decor. This custom fireplace spans along the hall offering an inviting feeling to all no matter the room they are in.



5An amazing piece of art that celebrities flock to, created just for the owner, by Alec Monopoly.


7A minimal yet functional design adding a high-end feel to this already luxurious kitchen.

9An amazing view spanning E-S-W can be admired from the kitchen and balcony.

10And now, the downstairs…


12The master bedroom has yet to be completed but the master bath is hard to ignore. Floor-to-ceiling glass and a bath offering a stunning view all the way to Downtown QC. A definite foreshadowing to the location of a future post.


14There is something in the way each room melts into the other; the choice of colours and materials helping you feel like you belong. It’s not everyday that such a large and recently built space can feel so welcoming and even though it is not complete, the level of detail is superb. Every home is a work in progress and we have a feeling this unit will never cease to impress.