They Heard Our Plea: Snapchat Ups Their Game With Two New Features

A couple weeks ago we wrote an article begging Snapchat to innovate a little more just to stay in-line with the growing community of competition. Well according to TechCrunch it looks like they are taking the hints from, well, everyone and they’ve announced some pretty cool updates for the app.

Remember how Vine, before it died, had the capabilities to record multiple snippets of video and patch them together within the app? Well Snapchat will have that soon. But instead of a measly seven seconds total Snapchat now offers a whopping 60 seconds. That’s right, just like Instagram, Snap users can record an entire minute of their life to share. And edit in whichever way makes it more to their liking. Keep in mind this is not a continuous one minute recording but only six individual ten second recordings.

Still, this a big step for Snap Inc. as it now puts their platform on level ground tech-wise with Facebook and Instagram Stories. Important considering that’s where all their daily users are congregating to.

The new update will also offer a Tint brush which gives the user an option to give a different colour to any object in the snap. This is another neat thing Snap Inc. actually has over the other competitors because their augmented reality capabilities are far beyond the others.

The new patch could signal a new wave of users for Snapchat and maybe some returning oldies. But only time will tell if that means anything revenue and stock price wise. It’ll be an uphill battle but at least Snap Inc. is showing huge interest in taking on the challenge.