Artists to Discover with your Wayhomies

One of the biggest indie and EDM music festival is coming back to Toronto this year at the end of July. Now we obviously know a lot of people are going to be there for the big ticket players like Imagine Dragons, Frank Ocean, Cage the Elephant and so on. But we thought we would suggest some cool music to discover this July 29th weekend. And you can win a chance to see them all by entering this contest.

Allan Rayman
Allan Rayman has been making music professionally for about three years now and released two full-length album. His trance-like R&B sound brings an eerie twist to the genre when it’s mixed with his soulful, gritty vocal style. He has a unique sound with elements of smooth old-school jazz beats that are expertly contrasted with a dark industrial style of electronic sampling. Rayman’s music feels energetic and relaxing at the same time. He manages to modernize the R&B music of the early nineties. He’ll be on Wayhome’s day-one lineup playing 4:30 p.m.

The LA-based rapper and DJ is combining genres to create his own alternative form of electronic rap. With lo-fi electronic hard style and a steady flow, Falcons makes an exciting twist on rap music. His soft-spoken vocals go amazingly well with a flurry of high-energy underground club mixes and random sound effects. Falcons is very much a softer take on UK Grime rap – which is something a lot of people are apparently into. Something to dance and get rowdy to at Wayhome’s Perrier Greenhouse on July 30th at 7:30 p.m.

Death From Above 1979
If you like electronic music but you also want to see what rock music is like then this Toronto-born duo is literally perfect for you. Very rhythm-based noise-rock with electronic melodies that make you question if that’s what you can really even call it. That all comes with the help of one drummer and one guitarist who dabbles in the synth. Every time one of their songs starts it feels like another punk rock song until – it isn’t. It’s easy to listen to, easy to jump around to and a great example of what modern electro-punk is all about. Catch them on the Wayhome stage on day two at 4:45 p.m.


Daniel Caesar
Born in Toronto, Ont. Daniel Caesar started making music at the age of 18 and releasing independently online. Around 2016 Caesar broke out with one single titled “Get You”. Some of his earlier work was created with the help of BADBADNOTGOOD and he continues to release music himself to keep up appearances with his quickly accumulated sea of fans.

Starting out with acoustic pop fare, Caesar uses a mix of funk and R&B to create a moving symphony of sounds blending into an uplifting series of songs. His silky voice leads the charge with an army of beautiful melody and rhythm to back it. Support this local self-made music star on Wayhome’s third day WayAway stage at 6:45 p.m.

Ryan Hemsworth
Ambient electronic beats and melody paired with a fast-paced silver-tongued vocalist. Hemsworth creates a calming introspective sound making listeners feel like they’re floating off into the clouds. The Halifax raised DJ and songwriter is said to be blurring the lines of hip-hop and indie-pop and it all started when he saw one of his random tracks posted to Fader while he was in college. It was enough encouragement to get him to where he is now, with the help of some big names along the way. (See: Attrakionz, Lana Del Ray, Sole.) See the entrancing tracks live at the Perrier Greenhouse at 11:30 on Saturday.

A straight up tech-house duo from Toronto. They’ll be the best set to simply lose yourself in the music too. With light drum beats on the ears RYME contrasts it with heavy bass underneath a higher pitched bass to create a unique rhythmic melody. Members, Rynecologist and Meech, affectionately call their music gutter house and ghetto techno. The two Toronto-born artists combined their talents a couple of years ago and release tracks regularly on their Soundcloud. The duo’s eerie electronica can be heard at the Perrier Greenhouse on day one and day three at 5:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. respectively.


The quintessential pop-punk band makes its way home to Toronto (Pun very much intended). PUP uses a heavy handed garage rock sound paired with fast-paced melody and painfully self-aware sad boy lyrics. For a mosh-worthy and emotionally striking set, PUP is a great choice.

The band first formed in Toronto circa 2013 where all four members grew up and went to middle school together. According to the band, PUP stands for “Pathetic Use of Potential”. But don’t waste your potential of finding great music by missing their set on day two for 8:45 p.m.

Tommy Kruise
Tommy Kruise is a DJ with a vast set of styles behind him. A lot of his earlier work was a tech-house derived sci-fi music with hints of R&B vocals. Later on, the Montreal-born artist started producing tracks for underground MC’s ranging from UK grime rap, generic trap and hip-hop. His most recent work has combined the styles he’s exposed himself to throughout the years and engineered them all into trance melodies with an underlying trap beat. Sometimes they go hard, sometimes they’re just nice to bop your head to.

The guy has produced music with Ryan Hemsworth too, which is appropriate because he’ll be sharing the weekend with him at the Perrier Greenhouse on Wayhome’s first day.

Which is coming up at the end of this month! So get in on Notable’s contest and win some tickets to go see your favourite artists! Just read these rules first.