Send Your Lover A Voicemail From Vladimir Putin

Don’t tell Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend but, he’s sending love notes to anybody who needs a little love this Valentine’s Day. Mr. Putin hasn’t responded to Notable’s request for verification of authenticity but, if you’re willing to submit your credit card details to a questionable website of Russian origin, you can send a voicemail to your loved one from President Putin here.

Quartz Media translated the voicemail from Russian but, if you speak Russian and interpret something different, please let us know!

Hello! This is Vladimir Putin. I congratulate you on a Happy Valentine’s Day! This has become a full-fledged holiday among Russian citizens, especially among the young and romantic. This day is a good excuse to give signs of attention, a declaration of love… and a reason to make peace following quarrels, or just to bring a smile. I think this is a good tradition—to give loved ones, friends, and colleagues joy today. I wish everyone from our country tenderness and goodness that will never run out among friends and partners. Let your life be truly happy! Love and be loved! 

Listen to the voicemail here.