The Folio: A New Take on the Man Bag

The man bag has made a resurgence over the last few seasons and today’s iPads, tablets and gadgets are most likely to blame. This spring, the man’s version of the clutch, called the folio, is the most sought-after trend. With its clean silhouette and absent handles, men have been spotted on the streets and runways toting this newest approach to the carry-all. 

Though the folio is inspired by the 1930s, the newest versions often come with contemporary, convenient compartments for everyday use for the office, going for drinks, or on the red carpet. 

Carrying a chic and luxurious man bag is much different than the current young professional man is used to, but in today’s world where men and women are evolving, breaking boundaries and borrowing elements from the opposite sex, this new take on a classic shape seems to do nothing but complete a man’s look. 

Designers such as Burberry Prorsum, Valentino and Jil Sander are all encouraging the men’s clutch bag. Opting for a more timeless texture in combination with a slim and streamlined design could be the key to keeping your look masculine and on point. 

We have a feeling that even the trendiest of YP gentlemen will need more time with the recent interpretation of the folio. Are you bold enough to take on this trend? 

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