The Beer Boutique in Liberty Village

It’s no question that Canadians love their beer. (We could enter any number of cliched “Canadiana” sayings here, but we’ll spare ourselves the embarrassment.) And it’s also no question that sippers of the suds have been migrating away from the standard pilsner or lager over the past few years to specialty imports and craft blends. So when we heard about The Beer Store’s latest concept, The Beer Boutique, needless to say we were more than a little excited.

The Beer Boutique opens today in Toronto’s Libery Village. This couldn’t be a more apt location: Liberty Village is home to taste-makers and trend-setters, many of whom love a frothy Steamwhistle rather than an overly-fizzy Blue. The Beer Boutique is a new retail destination that’s more an experience than the current incarnation of The Beer Store.

Instead of ordering off large signage that doubles as a price list, beer enthusiasts will have the chance to check out the labels and bottles that line the shelves in the impressive 2,700 sq. ft. space at 21 Lynn Williams Street – which may not sound awesome to all, but if you’re like us, you can’t help but try a different beer based on how well-designed the bottle is. The selection will be slightly more robust, and customers can buy in singles, six and 12-packs, or the eight-pack carrier (perfect for mixing and matching), making it easier for transit-takers and bikers to travel home with their brews.

The Beer Store pulled out all the stops for The Beer Boutique’s first location (we say first because we hope more will pop up around town), including having Toronto firm II By IV design the unique and urban interior. There will be tasting and pairing events at the new site, part of a commitment to showcasing beer-drinking as more of a lifestyle than simply an accompaniment to a great time. And while the concept, in theory, is nothing new (it’s essentially the same model as the LCBO), we can’t help but be a tad elated to have access to a higher-end version of one of our favourite stores.

Cheers to The Beer Store for giving young professionals the classier Beer Boutique. The Beer Boutique, 21 Lynn Williams Street, Liberty Village Toronto,