Study Finds Men are Happier and Make More Money if They Tuck in Their Shirt

Gentlemen, there are a lot of things you can do to become a happier, more successful person. While many may require much effort and years of execution, others can take just seconds.

Like tucking in your shirt.

A recent study sponsored by Fruit of the Loom has determined that men who tuck in their shirt are happier, make more money, and are more successful than non-tuckers. It quizzed 1000 men about the quality of their lives in relation to five of life’s fundamental pillars — happiness, optimism, relationships, social status, and income – followed by a very simple question: do you tuck or not tuck in your shirt?

As it turns out, 60 percent of guys who tuck in their shirts are happier on the job than men who don’t. It also found that 19 percent of shirt tuckers earn more than their untucked counterparts, and a full 10 percent feel more outgoing in social situations.

Now, it should be mentioned that there is some bias here: Fruit of the Loom has been championing a line of Stay-Tucked Crew shirts for several months, so it comes as no surprise that they’re ‘scientific’ research identifies tuckers as superior human beings.

As if they weren’t already.