Mumbai Had to Make Official “No-Selfie Zones” Because So Many People Were Dying

There’s a special place in the after-life for people who die trying to take an epic selfie – it’s called The Darwin Awards.

And if you’ll recall from a previous article, more people lost their lives in 2015 from taking selfies than from being attacked by sharks.

Now, there’s also a special place in Mumbai for people caught just trying to take a selfie – it’s called jail. Well, hopefully they take it that far someday. At the moment it’s just a fine of 1,200 Rupees (about $25).

Mumbai, the Indian city of almost 12 million residents, has declared sixteen areas of the city as official “no-selfie zones.” The move was made in response to the alarming number of selfie-related deaths in the city over the past two years. Home to almost 40% of all registered selfie deaths since 2014, Mumbai sits atop the world leaderboard for Selfietalities.

While trying to snag the ultimate selfie, people in Mumbai have drowned, been hurled under tumbling rocks, and yes, hit by trains – nobody, however, has gotten cooler. While few people think this initiative will eliminate selfies under dangerous circumstances, the city’s police are at least hoping to curb the behaviour in riskier locations. The city is also planning to run an “awareness campaign.”

It would be so, so amazing if they held a contest for best campaign slogan and asked the world to submit their suggestions. I already have, like, a million…