Sneakers: Still On Trend Heading Into Spring 2014

2013 was the year the fashion crowd walked from form and luxury to comfort and functionality and turned to sneakers. The fashion community embraced the trend to the fullest by wearing trainers on the streets and even at the front rows of runway shows. Both men and women are choosing Nike, New Balance and Adidas over elegant silhouettes and even high-end designers have incorporated trainers into their collections. According to Asos, New Balance‘s sales grew by 900% last year. The brand has become an essential part in both men’s and women’s wear and is a versatile addition to any modern man or woman’s wardrobe.

Though there is a breadth of choice available now, sticking to more minimalistic takes on the shoe allows one to effortlessly dress up or down. Men have even been pairing their trainers with suits and women with skirts and dresses.

The sneaker trend began on the streets among the high fashion industry and designers have reinforced the trend by progressing it into Spring 2014. This fresh, modern approach to style will have every young professional getting their spring wardrobe back into step.  

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Cover image from: TheLondonStyleJournal