Instagram Straight-Up Ripped off Snapchat in Its Latest Update

Instagram seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from another popular photo-sharing app.

In its latest update, users can now upload photos and videos with a short-lived lifespan.

The Instagram Stories feature gives users the option to post photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours.

Furthermore, unlike previous variations of the app, the feature lets ‘grammers directly mark their images with text, drawings, and emoji, taking it beyond the option to add a filter.

Circular icons at the top of your feed will house all the accounts you follow, and they will be highlighted with a colourful ring each time there is a new post to view.


Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, at least, it does if you’re a Snapchat user.

It’s no secret that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has tried to replicate both the functionality and the mass success of the ever-popular Snapchat. It even tried to buy Snapchat back in 2013 for a cool $3 billion (the company politely rejected the offer).

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that Snapchat has only increased in popularity ever since (even our parents are now joining the photo and video-sharing app).

Since its launch in 2014, Snapchat Stories became the most popular function of the app, compared to its previous direct messaging service.

Though the concept may seem pointless to some who prefer lasting documentation of their daily happenings, the appeal is that – because they aren’t permanent – users worry less about perfection in their posts.

It’s designed to be frequent and imperfect.

And that’s the draw that Instagram is seeking, as it essentially replicates the Snapchat model (which, by the way, Instagram fully admits to doing).

Whether their latest feature will be met with similar success remains to be seen.

The assumption is that most Snapchat users also have Instagram accounts. However, even if they don’t, it’s interesting to note that less than a month ago, Snapchat adopted one of the key features of Instagram with its “Memories” feature.


Snapchat’s “Memories” feature enables users to see a collection of their favourite moments by simply swiping up from the camera button. Taking a page out of Instagram’s? Definitely.

But, unlike Instagram, they were a lot less blatant about it.