Sex Toys Currently Decorate Portland’s Power Lines

Forget sneakers, it’s all about the sex toys when it comes to adorning the power lines in Portland, Oregon.

Images of the trend have began to make their way through social media channels in recent weeks, as users documented their sightings in North, Northeast, and Southeast Portland.

And there are hundreds.


Aside from the parents who inevitably have to explain what the toys are when their child points up at them, the residents don’t seem to mind too much. Apparently, the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement has received less than 10 calls in three weeks about them.

So, what’s the point?

Well we’re not exactly sure, some are pointing fingers at She Bop, a sex toy shop for women, despite the manager claiming there’s no connection. It turns out that She Bop doesn’t make dildos or sell the type that’s captured in the images.

Where the large white and orange dildos came exactly from remains a mystery.

The good news (well, depending on who you ask) is that the toys aren’t believed to pose a fire hazard, according to a spokesman for public utility Portland General Electric. Either way, we’re good with it not becoming ‘a thing’ in our city, thanks.