Ryan Gosling Blames His Boyfriend Appeal on His “Canadianness”

Homegrown hottie Ryan Gosling had a simple answer when questioned about his mass appeal: He’s Canadian.

The London, Ont. native – and GQ cover model – was asked what he thought made him such a hot commodity. After all, his “masculine but sensitive” qualities have essentially turned him into every woman’s fantasy boyfriend. Case in point: those infamous “Hey Girl” memes (see examples below).

Plus, his easy-on-the-eyes appearance and superior acting skills don’t hurt either.

Ryan Gosling

Image: Whiskey Muse

His answer? “I think it’s part of … um … America just finally realizing that there’s a place called Canada. That it’s nearby,” said Gosling. “And the people there are, you know, different but the same. And not just America’s hat. We have free health care, education.”

He said that what countless others see as “perfect boyfriend material” really just comes down to his “Canadianness.”

Ryan Gosling

He uses our very own Prime Minister as an example.

“It’s the only thing that makes any goddamn sense,” he said. “I mean, look at (Justin) Trudeau. He’s doing a lot of things, but things that are kind of natural parts of being Canadian. I don’t think Canada is as shocked by what Trudeau is doing as the rest of the world is.”

Gosling acknowledged that Trudeau was a fan of the “Feminist Ryan” memes and thinks that Trudeau – who identifies as a proud feminist – should be their subject.

Are we the only ones who would also like to see a Trudeau “Hey girl” meme as well?

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