Record Breaking Glass-Bottomed Suspension Bridge Opening Soon in China

If you’re scared of heights, you may want to avert your eyes.

China is currently wrapping up construction on the longest glass-bottomed walkway in the world, the Telegraph reports.

The final steel decks have been linked and the last few glass panels are currently being added to complete the Zhangjiajie Skywalk in the stunning Tianmenshan National Forest Park in China’s Hunan province. (Talk about #travelgoals.)

The lush forest and mountain valleys will act as the backdrop for tourists and adrenalin-junkies as they make their way across the 20-foot wide bridge that will span 1,410 feet across the canyon, suspended a measly 984 feet above land.

Now, before Torontonians get ahead of themselves and say the CN Tower has a higher glass-floor walkway at 1,122 feet (which stands 138 feet higher) they need to remember that the CN Tower is a free standing structure and not a glass-floored suspension bridge…that you’re going to have to walk nearly 500m across.

The glass-bottom bridge will not only serve as a walkway, but tourists can go bungee jumping and zip-lining off of it as well.

The bridge is expected to hold a maximum of 800 people at a time, but designer and deputy chief engineer Wan Tianbao told People’s Daily Online, “there is no need to worry about the load capacity of the glass deck because it is extremely well fortified.”

Sure, Wan. We believe you.

When it opens, the Zhangjiajie Skywalk will takea the title of world’s highest skywalk from Alberta’s Glacier Skywalk, which opened last year in the Rockies and is suspended at 918 feet above the ground.

For those with the travel bug and the daredevil bug, the Zhangjiajie Skywalk is set to open in May 2016.

Photos courtesy of Xinhua/Barcroft Media.