Pizza Hut Has Developed a Pizza Box That Will Turn into a Movie Projector

Pizza Hut, finally recognizing that one-off gimmicks may be more effective in clinging to relevance than a complete brand overhaul, has released a contraption that’s about as tell-tale about our state of humanity as anything out there.

It’s a pizza box that turns into a movie projector.

Read that again and let it sink in.

The cardboard pizza box projector magnifies your smartphone’s display and projects it onto the wall through a lens implanted into the plastic table that prevents the centre of the box from touching your pizza.

Each box comes with a QR code that grants users one free movie to stream from their phone. It’s recommended that an external audio source is connected to your phone since it will be limited to the confines of the box.

Hong Kong will be the first city blessed with this incredibly innovative human achievement, and we can only pray it becomes such a hit that global expansion will be inevitable.

Date night is back on fleek.

Pizza Hut ‘Blockbuster Box’ from reed on Vimeo.