Ontario Could Force Parents Who Object to Vaccines to Take a Basic Science Class

Evidence-based research – good stuff.

Unfortunately some parents choose to ignore good ol’ science when it comes to information on vaccines, opting instead to Google “can kale cure meningitis?” or consult the School of Alex Jones.

Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins is looking to inject some logic into the matter, tabling a bill that would require parents filing religious or moral objections to complete a course intended to inform them of the importance of immunization and the dangers of foregoing it.

The course will focus on the evidenced-based science of vaccination that health professionals believe many people are simply confused or misinformed about.

“Choosing to vaccinate your child protects them from disease, and it protects vulnerable children who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons,” Hoskins said in a statement. “That’s why it’s important for parents to keep their children’s immunizations up-to-date.”

Currently, parents are able to file vaccine exemptions for their children based on “conscience or religious belief.”

The Liberal government will now decide whether or not to pass the bill, which could come into effect before the next school year.