Now Open: Rose City Kitchen

Petra, the spectacular city carved out of stone in Jordan, is also known as the Rose City. Hence the name behind Queen West’s latest entry into the restaurant game. This is the Middle East – at its best. 

The first of three locations opening this year, Rose City Kitchen’s Queen and Cameron (406 Queen Street West) effort will officially open its doors tomorrow. And thanks to the sneak peak we got today, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a game changer. Why? Well, for starters, you won’t find burgers, pizza, or tacos waiting behind the counter. What you will find is a delicious assortment of Mediterranean sandwiches so packed full of flavour your mouth will wonder why you’ve been keeping it in the dark for so long. 

The cozy corner spot features a small collection of high-top tables with colourful red and white stools that look out at bustling Queen West. A large black and white photograph of Petra hangs on the wall next to the long counter, reminding people of the heritage that has been placed into each bite. Stepping up to order, there’s quite literally a world of mouthwatering options to choose from, the first of which is your sandwich. You can go with the RCK Original, the Moroccan, the Egyptian, the Greek, or the Lebanese. Every sandwich comes with its own collection of toppings, each more unique than the next. You’ll find tabouleh, hummus, apricots, eggplant, home fries, and more – and that’s all before you even pick your protein.

That’s right, the next step is choosing how you’d best like to make yourself strong. Rose City Kitchen opts for chicken, steak, falafel, and halloumi cheese as ways you can add some substance to your sandwich. Not only that, but the menu guide lets you know exactly how much to order: ‘1 for a snack, 2 for a meal, 3 if you’re starving’. So obviously we went with three. And a poutine. You heard correct, this Middle East includes Canadian cuisine, and there’s reason to be impressed. Just throw some falafel on there if you don’t believe us. Of course, there’s also a fresh Kale Salad for those of you who happen to prefer your Middle East cuisine a little on the lighter side. 

With industry vets Nipun Sharma (Tandoori) and Shontelle Pinch (Gourmet Bitches Food Truck) behind this collaboration, we’re pretty sure the only question worth asking is where the other two locations will be coming later this year ‘cause Rose City is definitely our kind of town. 

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