Notable Valentine’s Day Wines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while flowers and chocolate are lovely gifts to express sentiments of love, nothing truly promotes an evening of romance like a good bottle of wine. Here are some of the more passionate bottles to open for the occasion and the best dishes to pair them with…

Blue Mountain Brut Non-Vintage, BC | $30 Everything Wine and Private Wine Stores
Science proves the old saying “Champagne goes right to your head” is actually true. A few sips of this “Champagne method” sparkling wine from BC and you and your love will be feeling as effervescent as the bubbly in your glass. The classic pairing for sparkling wine is oysters, also considered a powerful aphrodisiac… and not a bad way to start your evening. 

Tyler Harlton Viognier/Pinot Gris 2012, BC | $32 Liberty Wines
Only 370 cases of this hand-crafted, aromatic wine were produced, so each bottle is truly made with love. The Viognier component is true to the varietal’s nature: rich and mouth-filling with flavours of honey, apricot and exotic spice. The Pinot Gris lends refreshing acidity and flavours of sun-warmed orchard fruit, reminiscent of Okanagan summers. This wine would be best paired with seafood or Asian-inspired dishes with an element of spice. 

Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2012, Cotes de Provence, France |$16-20 Private Wine Stores
Provençal Rosé is easily one of the sexiest wines on the planet. That crisp, thirst-quenching acidity, tart red berry fruit and pure citrus flavour have the ability to induce summer nostalgia like no other drink. Rosé is particularly food-friendly, so feel free to get creative with your food pairing here. My recommendations are salmon or dishes with Mediterranean flavours.

Villa Ponciago Beaujolais-Villages 2012, France |$23-$26 Private Wine Stores
This charming French red is made from the Gamay grape variety. Fans of heavy, rich red wines beware: this wine is light-medium bodied. Keeping romance top of mind, it won’t stain your mouth a deep shade of purple or sedate you like certain heavier reds. The Villa Ponciago promises an invigorating freshness and plenty of zesty raspberry, cherry, plum and wild-herb flavour. Pair it with grilled meats and tomato based dishes.

Elephant Island Framboise, BC | $24 Everything Wine and Private Wine Stores
For those who fancy liquid dessert, this pure raspberry wine is perfect as an after-dinner sip. Alternately, try a 1/2 ounce topped up with sparkling wine (served in a Champagne flute) as an aperitif. This wine is also a nice pairing with any medium-sweet chocolate or fruit desserts.

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