Notable Product: The Urban Cultivator

For the health and environment-conscious young professional, finding ways to incorporate healthy, eco-friendly foods into our daily lives can be a challenge. Though we wish we could, many of us just don’t have the time or available space to grow our own fresh greens. Or do we? The Urban Cultivator is the solution to this very common problem amongst young professionals, and so we chatted with the founder of this amazing new product, Tarren Wolfe, a young professional from BC, to find out more.

What makes it Notable?
Could you imagine growing, picking, and eating your own salad greens within just a week? Or treating yourself to your own wheatgrass shots in the same amount of time? The urban cultivator can make it happen. As Wolfe explains, the indoor growing system “doesn’t take a lot of time, but offers a world of health benefits.” You can grow an assortment of greens and herbs, all year long, and with the comfort of knowing no chemicals have touched them. As we detailed in our article regarding organic foods, the sooner a food is eaten after being picked, the more nutritious and flavourful it will be. According to their website, the Urban Cultivator can produce greens with twice the amount of nutrition as those you bring home from the store. Also, by snipping your own salad you really can’t be eating any more local, making the Urban Cultivator an amazing tool in what many refer to as the “zero mile diet.”

Does good, looks good
The indoor growing system is fully automated, even the watering, making it very user-friendly, especially for the busy YP. Additionally, you have the ability to customize your own Urban Cultivator, selecting your preferred door type and practical butcher-block top, to match your own décor. The Urban Cultivator can be inserted like a dishwasher, or can be used as an island. As Wolfe describes, the Urban Cultivator is “sexy as hell in any kitchen.”

In our hectic YP lives, eating and staying healthy are very important, and yet it seems so often that doing so is just plain inconvenient. With tools like the Urban Cultivator, we can incorporate more healthy and tasty food choices into our lives, while also aiding the environment and, of course, looking good.