Notable Poll: What’s Toronto’s Best “All You Can Eat” Option?

Sometimes “a lot” of food is a good thing. And sometimes “entirely too much” is even better.

While “all-you-can-eat” – or ‘AYCE’ for the more seasoned economy-munchers among us – had long been synonymous with poor quality grub thanks to the Sizzlers and Mandarins of the world, the last few years has really seen a turning of the tide in top-notch culinary scenes like Toronto.

Thanks to high-end brunch buffets, unselfish sushi joints, and other creative culinary curators, The Big Smoke now offers a great selection of eat-till-you-pop alternatives within not only respectable but delectable establishments.

The question is: which one is the best?

Take a look at the options below and let us know where you prefer to pack in the protein and crush the carbs, all for one simple price that’s 100% less elastic than the pants you’ll need to be wearing when the bill comes. If you think something is missing, please select “Other” and enter their name; we’ll make sure they don’t get stuffed…



Aji Sai – Sushi

The Dakota Tavern (Sundays Only) – Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Pancakes, Fruit Salad

The Hot House Restaurant & Bar (Sundays Only) – Brunch Buffet

Copacabana – Brazilian Steakhouse

Poutineville (Tuesdays Only) – Poutine

Fushimi – Sushi

Cloak & Dagger Irish Pub (Sundays Only from 2pm) – Tacos

Joe Mamas (Tuesdays & Thursdays Only) – Ribs

Smoke Bourbon Bar-B-Q House (Mondays Only) – Wings