This New Glassdoor Tool Will Tell You if You’re Underpaid

There are a few things you just don’t talk about over bubbly at brunch or beer at a backyard BBQ.

One of them is salary.

It’s awkward and uncomfortable.

But, as a result, there are countless young professionals (from my personal experience and interactions, especially in the arts) who are making way less than their counterparts who are working the same or similar jobs. And the underpaid remain blissfully (or not so much) unaware.

So, Glassdoor – one of the world’s most well-known career sites – has released a new tool to help you realize your worth (and perhaps propel that job hunt).


Know Your Worth shows you how much you’re making compared to others.

The tool – which is still in beta – asks for your job title, employers, current salary, location and years of relevant work experience. It’s then able to calculate an estimated market value for 55-60 per cent of the workforce in the U.S. (and hopefully Canada next).

Glassdoor takes the current supply and demand trends of the job market into consideration and recalculates your market value weekly.


Naturally, the tool can be used to gauge the gender pay equality (or lack thereof) in your current position. It could also come in handy to employers who want to both educate and stay on top of industry standards.

Considering that in recent years, the demand for transparency and equality in the workforce has grown considerably, the hope is that one day, thanks to this tool, people will finally earn exactly what they deserve.

After all, very few hard-grinding people are pounding that pavement for the fun of it alone.

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