Must Try: Woods Restaurant

He’s worked at Modus and Brasaii, helping to put both on the map for culinary concoctions, and now he’s got his own spot to call home. Chef Bruce Woods recently opened up Woods Restaurant where Colborne Lane once stood. (A quick turnaround if ever there was one.)

Serving up a mix of fancified Canadiana, Woods Restaurant is hot on the farm-to-table trend, executing amazingly local/Canadian ingredients with finessed fashion. The restaurant itself is like a cabin that’s been hit with a Mariah Carey stick: woods abound, but there’s a glitzy atmosphere thanks to chic lighting and interesting wall textures. 

Woods’ cuisine isn’t cheap, but neither are the ingredients he employs. Every detail in each dish is well-rounded and balanced, showcasing a heightened sense of revery for the food coming from the kitchen. 

A perfect spot for date night, special occasions, or even just a gourmet dinner with friends, Woods Restaurant will undoubtedly be a top contender for best new restaurant of 2013.