Movember: A Collection by Peter Farmer

With Movember being the main topic of conversation and visual statement that can be seen all over town, we recently met a Montreal artist with a cool story who is sporting a quite spiffy Mo-stache himself. Peter started a project called A Moustache A Day To Keep Cancer Away, an art collection consisting of fun and ridiculous moustaches inspired by a variety of things such as kitties, crabs, guns and even mini coopers. The idea was presented to Movember with some initial drawings and they loved it. This marathon of moustaches is meant to help spread the awareness of men’s health and illustrate the spirit of Movember while being released daily until the end of the month.


How did the idea of utilizing art as a tool to spread awarenesscome about?
A month ago a friend died of cancer at the young age of 33 related to complications of having colon cancer. Diagnosed in June, the impact that anyone can be taken this quickly roused a want to take part in the fight against cancer. A mutual friend and I were talking about him and the impact his loss had on his family and friends. We came up with the idea that I would draw a moustache in a ridiculous and entertaining way for everyday of the month of November. The drawings would then be sold and the proceeds would go to Movember.

Are there specific characters that inspire your paintings?
They are all an effort to reach out to different people and their personal interests. There is at least one in the 30 that you can identify with. I want to reach out to as many people as I can with this series. A large partof Movember is men’s health awareness and education. If this entertaining collection can engage people and get them to investigate how they can be healthier and avoid advanced cancer spreading, then I think I have hit my mark.

Is there one particular painting that was dedicated to the memory of your friend?
The whole project is dedicated to him. The true tragedy of his loss was the impact I saw on the many people that cared for him. This collection is just as much for them.


You are selling your art online; can they also be purchasedanywhere else?
I have been working closely with Movember here in Quebec and we are going to be showing and selling the artworks at the “GALA PARTÉ,” which is at the Théâtre Rialto on November 30th. It will be set up as a silent auction.There will also be prints and posters available to those who don’t want to invest in the artwork but wish to take a piece of the collection home.

Movember has become such a global movement. What do you think is the key to its success?
Men, especially young men, don’t often seem to bond together outside of sports. Movember has somehow made their fundraising a sport most men can play and all men can benefit from. Unlike marathons and other fundraising ideas, you don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to good at selling, you don’t have to attend meetings. You just have grow some hair on your upper lip and share how hilarious you look. People respect your efforts and you really do feel like you are part of a team, a fraternity or some kind of fellowship. You can unite with friends all across the globe sharing laughs during  your own moustache marathon.

The Movember Collection by Peter Farmer can be seen and purchased here or here.