Moët & Chandon Beach Party

There are so many events and festivals in Montreal, it is overwhelming to think about keeping track of all of them. Formula One weekend, however, might just be the most exciting out of all. Attendees from all over the world crowd the city in order to take part in the festivities leading up to the race. With the endless parties to choose from this year, the Moët & Chandon Beach was definitely the ultimate hot spot.

Located at the trendy Peel Paddock, organizers had a parking lot impressively transformed into a glamorous beach terrace. Complete with 28 tons of sand and day beds, the space measured up to the first-rate standards of the champagne itself. This exclusive 4-day celebration began Thursday, June 7th, and lasted through to the 10th. The Euro-chic atmosphere was reminiscent of Europe’s top beach parties with local DJs setting the mood off right as trendy attendees danced away while sipping on their iced champagne.

The stylish escape inaugurated Moët Ice Impérial, the world’s first ever champagne served with ice. The refreshingly hip drink ceaselessly flowed as it became an absolute crowd favourite. Unfortunately, the particular brand of Moët is not yet available in Montreal, as the supply was just as exclusive as the event itself.

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