Le North End Invades Rosemont With Oysters

The culinary wildfire continues in our fair city with the recent opening of Le North End Oyster Bar on 5800 Rue de La Roche. Le North End was the name of the neighbourhood at the start of the 20th century since there was nothing north of Rosemont Street.

Just a little bit of little history for you.

The concept? Simple. Create a cocktail bar (not a restaurant) that will become a go-to like Cheers was; you know, where everybody knows your name… only add a Brooklyn-esque style and vibe.

So what make this spot unique you ask? How about the fact that they’re the first bar that’ll serve oysters all year long. Still want more? $1 Oysters every Sunday 

We figured you’d like that.

The interior (designed by Stephanie Belanger) is a modern and rustic look with a touch of the sea thrown in. Look for details like the marine rope on the roof and the compass in their logo. There’s also an especially cozy corner that transports you to a king-worthy ship equipped with a gorgeous library unit that houses accessories made for the finest of all sea travellers (think old books, globes, ship models).

Now for le menu. 

Great cocktails (apparently their Caesars are the cat’s meow) and oysters are the backbone of Le North End. Makes total sense considering one of the owners is Pierre Gadouas, winner of the Made with Love Quebec competition in 2013, one of the biggest mixology events around.

For those of you that want more variety, they have other bites such as their house duck club, cactus house chips (yes cactus), a yummy lobster plate, and a few more items that are sure to spice things up.

Go get schucked any Tuesday through Saturday from 4 pm to 3 am and Sunday from 6 pm to 3 am.


All images by: mchuot.photo@gmail.com