Kevin O’Leary Wants to Fight ‘Surfer Dude’ Justin Trudeau in Federal Election

Kevin O’Leary, a former Dragon and current Trump Lite who once said 3.5 million people living in poverty is “fantastic,” seems to be getting ready to make a run for Prime Minister.

The celebrity businessman yesterday told a group of Tory MPs that he’s seeking their support in what he says will be an ugly war against Justin Trudeau.

“2019 is not an election, it is an exorcism,” said O’Leary at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. “I have to know you have my back if we’re going to start this. That is what I’m asking for.”

Kevin O'Leary

Image: The Canadian Press

O’Leary’s main quarrel is Trudeau’s economic mismanagement, which he hope to combat by making Canada a more appealing place to invest.

It should come as no shock that the environmental impact of abolishing the carbon tax in order to do so, for example, is of no concern.

“Why would I invest here when I can invest in U.S. Texas shale and make a 30 per cent higher free cash flow? You don’t have to be an idiot to understand that,” he said, the last part of that phrase being nonsense.

He also called out the PM personally.

“He is a fine surfer dude. And this is an excellent adventure for him, but he is killing our country,” O’Leary said.

Next on the political agenda for O’Leary is to learn French.

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