Justin Bieber Acts Like a Brat, Gets Kicked Out of Coachella, the World Claps

Justin, Justin, Justin. 

When will you ever learn?

We know it must be so difficult to be you and all, but at some point the whole spoiled little bad boy look gets old. Even though it continues to make you seem so old.

Oh, and it ruins your whole Coachella experience too.

Just a month ago, you had almost convinced us that you were going to change – and here you are being an idiot again.

On Sunday night at California’s Coachella music festival, Biebs was apparently put in a chokehold by security and kicked out of the festival. It all went down during a headline performance by fellow homegrown superstar, Drake.

So what got poor Justin so worked up?

Apparently, Bieber was forbidden from entering a restricted artists’ area because it was at capacity – and that’s not news the 21-year-old wants to hear. When he got bratty, he was forcibly removed from the festival. 

Conflicting reports say that Bieber left the concert on his own accord. As for Bieber, he is allegedly pursuing legal action against the security.

In his defense, maybe he was just trying to save Drake from Madonna? 


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