Join Us for a Notable Night at D.W. Alexander

We like cocktails. Free cocktails. And we especially like them when they’re being served in a hot new Toronto bar. So while we give you tips all week long on where to get said cocktails, we thought we’d switch it up and invite you to actually come along with us.

D.W. Alexander recently opened its doors in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood and we plan on bringing you along to mark the occasion. ‘Cause it’s not everyday a true Canadian cocktail bar sets up shop (they specialize in rye-based drinks). Next Thursday, April 3rd, we’ll be hosting a Notable Night in celebration of the recent launch of this downtown gem and we want you to be there. How notable, you ask? Well, let’s just say we’re the only ones who can get you in. 

This might be the perfect way to end your Thursday. Or start it – we’re not here to judge. There’ll be food, drinks, and a whole collection of Notable young professionals for you to meet and mingle with. Leave your details below and you could soon find yourself bragging to your friends about what you’re doing next week.

When: Thursday, April 3rd, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: D.W. Alexander, 19 Church St. Toronto