This Insane Board Game Raised $1 Million in Under 20 Minutes on Kickstarter

Remember the good, old days, when you’d sit around the table with your family playing The Game of Life or Uno?

Things sure have changed, as evidenced by the release of ‘Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5‘.

Described as a “cooperative nightmare horror game experience,” this board game is a post-apocalyptic survival experience with sexy pin-up characters that’s expected to be ready for shipping in about 4 years.

On Black Friday, it became the fastest Kickstarter project to raise $1 million USD, doing so in just 19 minutes. It currently sits at an incredible $12.4 from almost 20,000 backers.

“Survivors fight for their lives against an onslaught of bizarre and fearsome creatures,” explains a description of the game. “They will use the fruits of these battles to build a fragile civilization in a place where humans are at the bottom of a monstrous ecology.”

A deeper look into its gameplay reveals a masterpiece of unparalleled depth.

Check it out:

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