Hot Shop: The Beach Murse

While we continue to jet off to warm destinations this spring, the perennial question arises: what’s a guy to do with all his belongings at the beach? Ladies aren’t the only ones carting around phones, keys, E-readers and sunscreen, and there’s pretty much never any spare room in a girl’s purse up for grabs. It’s hard to look like a tough guy with a tote bag in hand, so we’ve racked our fashion brains and narrowed down the options to two contenders:

1. The Messenger Bag

You likely carted your university texts around in the utilitarian version of the European carry-all and are used to the one-strap, cross-body bag. Use a discerning eye and consider whether your bag’s glory days are over and if it’s time for a new one. Consider whether a sporty version from your local outdoor store jives with your beach attire, or if a rugged cotton canvas variety is better suited. Keep your stuff out of the sand but your belongings on your person with one of these versatile totes:

MEC’s Carry All Shoulder Bag
J.Crew’s Abingdon Messenger Bag (pictured at top)

2. The Beach ‘Folio

If rocking a messenger bag reminds you too much of the era when “hanging art” meant tacking band posters to your walls, this next-level murse might be for you. The Beach ‘Folio is a take on the handle-less brief case (a.k.a. portfolio). Leave the hardbound leather version for the office and source a sporty canvas case. No need to pack your pockets when you can stash your stuff in an orange or navy ‘folio. American Apparel also stocks a wide variety of coloured leather options.