Hot Shop: Retro Style iPhone and iPad Accessories

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days, especially in the YP world. If you are as much of an Apple-addict as we are, but prefer a more vintage personal style, then you are going to love these retro-inspired accessories for our fav tech toys. 

Chat like the good old days  
Sometimes you just want to sit and gab like the good old days. Add some vintage chic to your living room, office, or boudoir with these (see here and here) old-timey iPhone holders and handsets. 

An old-fashioned solution for your modern touchpad problems
We admit it, trying to type long emails or create other documents with our iPad touch screens isn’t always the easiest. With these (see here and here) vintage-like typewriter accessories, typing can be done in style and with ease. 

For the nostalgic gamer
The amount and variety of new games available for the iPad and iPhone are virtually limitless. But if you prefer to play like back in the day, try these (see here and here) retro accessories that will transport you back to the good times of Atari and Gameboy.  

Top docks
iPhone docks turn your favorite little gadget into party central. These (see here and here) vintage-inspired docks are perfect for classic cocktail and dinner parties, or for adding a little classic style to your music-friendly office.  

Skype in style
Imagine Skyping with your best bud overseas or your business partners across the country with this incredible old-school radio microphone (pictured above). We just love the mix of vintage style and functionality.