Get Your Ride On at Two New Indoor Cycle Spots

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary and Ride Cycle Club bring serious beats and atmosphere to the spinning mix in YVR.

With the return of Vancouver’s soggy season, it’s time that most of us head indoors to the gym, revamp those yoga classes, hit the YMCA for a few laps, or hire a trainer. 

Well, adding to the fitness mix comes the arrival of Ride Cycle Club and Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary with there own individual take on how to work up a euphoric sweat in an hour.

Ride Cycle Club has already made waves (and garnered quite the following) having opened the doors to its brand new spot at 881 Hamilton Street this week. Owned and operated by a collection of young professionals who got hooked on spinning while living in NYC, RIDE classes are high octane and last 55 minutes, getting you sweating within the first two of those minutes with a combination of fast and slow pedaling at various resistance levels as well as the incorporation of a lot of upper body movement (think pushups using handlebars). 

It’s the perfect answer to anyone in need of a quick fitness fix. They’ve built a team of energetic instructors who’ll help you blast your way through the workouts with up-tempo beats and a cool atmosphere to keep you moving and grooving.  

If you’re in Gastown, however, Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary (154 West Hastings Street) offers up the same style of workout…but that’s pretty much where it ends. 

First off, the studio channels a decidedly yogic vibe, right down to the serene design that’ll all but make you feel as though you’re in Bali. Owned by Jillian Sheridan, a longtime cycling enthusiast, she obviously went for a laidback and Zenned out feel we totally dig. Clean lines, exposed brick, and scented candles have you feeling as though you’ve entered a sanctuary of sorts – not a chamber of pain.

Bikes are stationed in rows with plenty of room between and they’ve opted to set a cozy mood by using candlelight instead of neon.  

Any trace of pain you feel during the 45-minute Original Ride is drowned out by the steady flow of music that plays as you work your way through the high intensity class. For those looking for even more of an intense workout, watch for the 75-minute The Warrior class coming this fall, while expectant mom’s can book in The Mamacita hour-long spin too.

With two new spots to check out, it’s time to start spinning your wheels in the right direction. 


Images from: Eastwood Cycle and Ride Cycle Club