Experiment Has New Yorkers Write Their Biggest Regrets in Public

We all have a regret or two about certain things in our life – some more significant than others.

If you don’t, consider yourself superhuman.

There have been articles about those on their death bed who reveal that most people share similar regrets; that they didn’t fully pursue their dreams, or didn’t spend as much time as they should have with loved ones.

Exploring the concept of regret, A Plus, in partnership with Strayer University’s Ideal Year Initiative, recently put up a chalkboard on a New York City street and asked passersby to write down their biggest regrets.

The results once again showed that the regrets were incredibly similar, despite coming from completely different walks of life. They all involved things they didn’t do, rather than things they did.

You know, the chances not taken or words not spoken.

If you’re in need of a feel-good afternoon pick-me-up, the video ends on an inspiring note: