Does Toronto Really Need a Cat Café?

In recent weeks no less than two separate entrepreneurs have stepped forward with the idea of bringing a cat Cafe to downtown T.O. If you’ve somehow missed out on this ailurophile’s wet dream, there will likely be several of these Cafes in cities across North America by the end of 2014.   

In the simplest terms, here’s how it works: You go to a Cafe that has cats and you hang out with them. Maybe you read a book, have a coffee, surf the web, but all the while there will be cats hanging around. Presumably you won’t go to these places to do ordinary Cafe things, but rather to make some new feline friends. Often there are cat snacks and toys you can purchase to entice these kittens into liking you – ‘cause hey, they don’t know that you already paid an hourly rate just to get in the door. These little balls of fur need to be wooed.

If you read those last few sentences and didn’t start to think that paying to play with cats was starting to sound weird, we’re guessing you already live with about six of them and probably refer to them as your next of kin on official documents. But then why would you ever leave your house to go to a Cafe anyway? Sorry, we’re just really struggling to understand this trend. Yes, it could be a good way to get cats adopted. But you’re welcome to go to the Humane Society anytime for free and pick out a kitty – why do you need a latte in order to give it some love?

So we’re going to go ahead and cut through the fluff: No, Toronto does not need a cat Cafe. Sorry feline lovers. We get it, you like cats; in fact, you love cats, but providing a glorified petting zoo is just not the answer this city needs. There’s already enough temporary love in this world, why do we need to involve the most independent domesticated animal? Let’s just leave cats where they belong – in funny Internet videos that require little to no actual attention to be enjoyed. 

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