Cruise Control: Honda is Releasing a Private Jet for $4.5 Million

Auto manufacturers are really starting to take hold of the luxury market. 

Yesterday we told you about Audi’s $20,000 bike, and in the real estate world, Porsche’s starting to add their touch to high-end homes.

Honda, meanwhile, is ready to unleash an bold new toy for the 1% with a completely different kind of vehicle: the HondaJet

The $4.5 million superjet can reach speeds of almost 500 miles per hour, has enough room for you and six of your best pals, and is currently awaiting final approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to hit the market.

It’s expected to be available to customers within a few months.

The Japanese car manufacturer is making its foray into the world of aviation after three decades of planning and development, a drawn-out process that saw Honda Aircraft Co. Chief Executive Michimasa Fujino battle skeptical executives, technical delays, and the global recession before finally getting his vision on the runway.

“This airplane is my art piece,” he said in an interview.

And at under $5 million, it’s quite the steal for an artwork of this grandeur. 

Title photo courtesy of The Asahi Shimbun—2015 The Asahi Shimbun


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