Contest Alert: Uber is Offering the Chance to Win FREE Rides for an Entire Year

Nothing quite sneaks up on you like the accumulation of Uber costs from your monthly excursions.

And yeah, it could be avoided. But even when public transport is just as viable an option, it’s just so damn easy to call a car to your doorstep (ish) with a few taps and no need for tokens.

For some of us, free Uber rides for a year would be life changing – and it’s an actual possibility.

To celebrate Earth Day (April 22), Uber will offer uberPOOL riders the chance to win just that. From now until Earth Day, the more you share your ride with uberPOOL, the better your chances to win, states the company’s website.

The campaign hopes to highlight the importance of getting more people into fewer cars by sharing their ride with the uberPOOL carpool option, leading to a reduction of congestion, gas use, and emissions in Toronto over time.

According to Uber, since its introduction in December 2015, uberPOOL eliminated 21 million automobile miles world-wide – the equivalent to 400,000 gallons of gas and 3,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In Toronto, Uber has already completed over 600,000 uberPOOL trips in 2016.

Sure, it may take longer to get there than it would if you had requested your own ride, but to know that you’re contributing to the reduction of Toronto’s maddening congestions, along with the environmental health of the city is a pretty good incentive, right?

But really, think how much you could get done with free Uber rides for a year….

Here’s how it works:

1. Tap ‘Promotions’ in your app and enter the promo code POOL2WIN
2. Ride uberPOOL from April 12-21
3. For every uberPOOL ride, you get an entry to win a year of free Uber (up to $10/ day)

The winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, and notified via email.