Climate Change Could Make Coffee Extinct in Our Lifetime

It’s not just ice caps and coastal cities that getting screwed over by climate change.

According to a report by the Climate Institute of Australia, the world could run out of coffee by 2080 if climate change continues to worsen.

That’s right, your daily double-double could be dunzo.


A combination of rising temperatures, intense droughts, and heavy rain are making it increasingly difficult for countries in Central and South America to grow coffee.

More specifically, these less-than-ideal conditions are causing their plants to become infected with fungi, and an increase in coffee leaf rust and coffee berry borer, an absolute nightmare insect.

Of course, the coffee shortage is much more serious than losing your morning cup of joe.

25 million coffee farmers around the world could lose their livelihood, not to mention retailers like Starbucks and Tim Hortons would take a huge hit.


While the situation is dire, it’s not completely hopeless. Experts say cutting emissions and limiting warming to 1.5 degrees would make a big difference. Also, we as consumers can make an impact with our wallets by making a commitment to buying fair trade coffee to help farmers and their communities adapt to the changes.

Coupled with the fact that our current avocado obsession is also ruining the planet, our mornings are going to look a lot different if we don’t address these issues ASAP.

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