This High-Tech Chip Bag Knows When You’re Drunk and Will Request an Uber

Well, here’s something we’d never expect from a chip bag.

That fun snack wrapper up there is capable of things your iPhone would be jealous of. Namely, it can tell when you’re drunk and stop you from getting behind the wheel.

A limited time project of Frito-Lay and ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the “Party Safe” bag is equipped with sensors that can detect alcohol on your breath. If it determines your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit to step in a car, a steering wheel graphic on the bag will appear along with the text, “don’t drink and drive.”

And it goes even further than that: tapping the bag with your phone summons an Uber to pick you up in your drunken stupor. Included with the bag is a $10 credit for the ride-sharing app, which essentially makes this the greatest chip bag in existence.

Oh, and sorry, Canada, but this is a U.S.-only thing for now.