Buca Restaurant

An Italian eatery on King West, Buca rocks Toronto with their gorgeous, rustic interior, high ceilings, a beautiful warm yellow glow, and delectable eats. Buca’s exceptional service adds to the impeccable atmosphere of the restaurant, but of more imporance, of course, is the mind-blowingly delicious food.

Buca’s extensive menu changes daily, stamped and dated so your palate has the opportunity to keep up with the latest edible innovations the King West kitchen comes up with. Some of Buca’s most acclaimed dishes have the potential to take you way out of your comfort zone, so be prepared to wrap your mind around the thought of eating pig’s feet served with wild fennel salt – also known as Orecchio Di Maile, which sounds much more palatable – a delicacy described my many as being crispy and a little chewy, and absolutely stellar for a start to a great meal.

Other noteworthy dishes from this Toronto restaurant are the Eggplant, a dish which is perfectly soft and balanced with a delightfully crispy breaded outer layer to give a satisfying texture, the Garlic Bread Knots, a gorgeous mélange of garlic, oil and doughy bread, Squid Ink Pasta, savoury and great for sharing, and (oh, yes!) Lamb Brains for another scintillating experience. These alluring and peculiar dishes are the highlights of ‘peasant’ or ‘village’ Italian food, and are one of the many reasons to love Toronto for it’s fantastic multiculturalism: always an opportunity to delve into someone else’s world, right in your own neighbourhood.

Buca appears to be one of the go-to places for Toronto foodies, so it is highly recommended that you call ahead of time for a reservation before embarking on this feast of novelties. Buca, 604 King Street West, Toronto, 416-865-1600.