These Are the Best Cities in the World to Celebrate Pride

We’re officially in the second week of Pride Month. Which means you have three weeks left to celebrate everything LGBTQ.

And if you’re lucky enough to live in Toronto, you know that’s a task definitely worth taking up. Some might even say there’s no better place than Toronto to put on your best rainbow and hit the streets.

Let’s see what Airbnb has to say about that. The popular people-powered hospitality platform recently released its list of the ‘Top LGBTQ-Friendly Cities to Celebrate Pride This Year’. The ranking scored 100 cities with the highest annual Pride attendance based on five different LGBTQ categories: Tinder Dating, Nightlife, Pride, Marriage Equality, and Travel.

And the winner is…

New York City!

“The Big Apple not only offers one of the biggest Pride celebrations, it also boasts a bustling nightlife, a busy dating scene, well-established marriage equality and impressive Airbnb stats,” writes Airbnb. “The city that sparked the gay Pride movement following the Stonewall riots will welcome over 27,000 guests on Airbnb during Pride Week.”

London finished as runner-up, while Madrid rounds out the top three.

The top 10 Pride cities below:

  1. 1. New York City
    3. Madrid
    4.San Francisco
    5. Paris
    6. Berlin
    7. Toronto
    8. Chicago
    9. Los Angeles
    10. Amsterdam.

Winners in each respective category, meanwhile, are:

Tinder Dating: London
Nightlife: New York City
Pride: São Paulo
Marriage Equality: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands (joint, lol)
Travel: London

While Toronto didn’t crack the top five or claim any category wins, it did post some good numbers: 2.1 Pride visitors (2017), the world’s 13th-highest per capita usage of LGBTQ Tinder profiles, and a 25th out of 100 ranking when it comes to the number of LGBTQ bars and clubs. So while you may have the world’s best Pride experience in New York or London, Toronto’s still an incredibly special place you can be proud of.

Toronto’s Pride Parade, the 38th annual edition, kicks off on June 24th.