Australian Government Asks Public for Help to Fix Economy, Public Responds Hilariously

In an attempt to encourage an “innovation culture,” the Australian government started an ‘Ideas Boom‘ that will turn the nation’s ideas into successful products to help the economy.

In order to promote the new campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne spent $1.1 billion of taxpayer money to create TV and digital ads, outdoor advertising, and inspire community engagement. There’s even a hashtag, #ideasboom.

Australia’s government then began unveiling obnoxiously large, yellow street signs across the country, asking for people to submit their own unique business ideas. People could then share their ideas over Twitter.

But like any great hashtag, thousands of people have shared their clever and hilarious inventions with a touch of… taking the piss.

So this got me thinking: what if we could invent whatever we wanted and it would in someway help benefit the Canadians?

Some of my potential inventions would include:
– Poutine vending machines
– Slippers that can clean floors
– A Tinder-style app for voting

Boom. World’s greatest country.