A Group Called ‘Sluts Against Harper’ Will Send You Nudes if You Vote Against Stephen Harper

Some people really want Stephen Harper out of office.

So much so, in fact, that they’re willing to degrade themselves for it.

‘Sluts Against Harper’, some sort of activist group we suppose, is vowing to send nude photos to anyone who votes against our current Prime Minister and sends proof. The initiative is the work of a 24-year-old Montreal woman who’s enlisted a team of ladies from coast to coast who will participate in the taking and distribution of said photos, and who presumably hate Stephen Harper enough to strip down for strangers.

The woman, who goes by the alias Jessica Simps, originally planned to offer oral sex as incentive – a lofty promise significantly out of touch with the forces of supply and demand. Simps launched an Instagram account to facilitate the photo exchanges, which was pretty much immediately taken down.

In an interview with Vice, Simps explained how aims to take action by using women’s bodies as a resource and that the word “slut” is super empowering in the sex-positive and queer community. Sure, except that the sex-positive and queer community is a pretty overwhelming minority compared to the general community that defines “slut” completely differently and uses it to attack women who are promiscuous with their bodies. Anyway, Simps studies “sexuality” at university, so what do we know?

Maxim, meanwhile, applauded “these true Canadian heroes for putting their nudes towards their civic duty,” and “hope the idea catches on in neighbouring countries” – of which there is only one, and one that absolutely does not need more gimmicks muddling the democratic process.

Young people need to become more involved in the political process – less than 40 per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 voted in the last federal election – but do efforts to engage them really have to stoop to this level to get people to do something that takes no longer than editing a photo for Instagram? What’s that? There’s a marijuana dispensary in B.C. that’s luring people to the ballot with free weed and Snoop Dogg tickets? Consider it a rhetorical question then.

This is what you get, kids, for not voting all these years.

So whether you hate Harper or he’s the only PM for you, just get out there and vote so initiatives like this no longer have to happen.