A Century-Old Church in Edmonton is For Sale for $1

Have you ever closed your eyes and wished that one day you might actually be able to afford to buy property?

Well if you don’t mind shacking up in this holy piece of real estate, your prayers may have been answered.

Because a century-old church in Stony Plain, Edmonton, was recently posted on Kijiji for $1. Which means that for the change in their back pocket, one lucky bidder may have found a heavenly home just in time for Christmas.

The 103-year-old chapel was put on the site at the bargain price following its demise into such poor condition over the years that it has become inoperable in its current state.

Louis Bourassa from the Hope Christian Reformed Church said, “Were’ not in the business of history, we’re in the business of church. So it’s been four years living out of this business. The roof had a major leak in it and tiles were falling off the ceiling so it became unusable.”

Originally built by the German Reform Church, it was later taken over by the Christian Reform in the 1960s.

The church has been used for Sunday services, as a gym for children and youth groups, as a prayer centre, and for weddings.

However, after many years of deliberating what to do with the building, radical action was called for, and it found itself on the online site for local classified advertisements.

Bourassa went on to add: “We had no function for it. And it’s fallen to disrepair so we thought we’d just throw it on Kijiji to see if anyone else was interested in it for the region…The cost of moving the building is quite substantial. If we were to put a dollar value on the church we probably would have had nobody come forward so having a free church for a dollar we may get some people interested. A lot of people in our congregation don’t want to see it moved. So if somebody came forward that would help us with that that would be a good thing for us.”

Although the advert is now listed as unavailable on Kijiji, we can only hope that there’s a Canadian out there throwing the house warming of the century this New Year’s Eve.