95-Year Old Husband Gives His Wife An Anniversary Photoshoot — With an Adorable Twist

The internet is swooning over a Chinese couple who just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.

And while that’s major milestone on its own, it’s how the couple celebrated that’s getting everyone’s attention.

In honour of their grand achievement, the 95-year-old husband surprised his beloved wife with a fashionable photo shoot to celebrate in style.

It was fashion that brought them together, after all.

Wang Lijin met his wife, Huang Caozhen, in 1952 when he hired her to make a suit for him. He ended up coming home with more than just a beautiful suit – the two fell in love and were married later that year

To celebrate their beautiful love story, which has spanned six decades, the pair got dressed in their finest clothes and had their own photo shoot all over town.

The truly special part is that that all of the suits Wang wore in the pictures were made for him by Huang over the years.

From shopping to enjoying coffee and shooting some hoops, their best accessory is always each other.

Scroll through the photos to see for yourself what true love really looks like.