9 Lunch Spots Under $9 in Toronto

By Lisa Lagace 

Toronto isn’t exactly known for being an affordable place to eat.

Why? We’re not totally sure. But hey, at least our rent is more affordable than Vancouver.

So in the hopes of helping you eat well without losing the roof over your head, we bring you 9 lunch meals you can find for $9 or less.

And yes, fast food chains can do this, and no, you won’t find them here.

The Yukon’s 1$ Oysters
On Mondays at the Yukon on Queen, you can score 9 oysters for $9. Hey, we didn’t say it would always be a filling lunch.   

Faley Restaurant
All the lunch specials at this Indian-Chinese food spot come in under $6. So really, this is lunch version 1.5.

Banh Mi Boys
The perfect lunch stop on Queen W., get your Banh Mi on for under 9 bones every day of the week. We do at least once a week – it’s just that good.

Caplansky’s Delicatessen
The beloved smoked meat joint offers smoked turkey sandwiches for under 9 dollars seven days a week. If you haven’t tried these, your taste buds are majorly missing out.

The Grilled Cheese
If you’re a cheese fan, this could be your favourite lunch spot. Head to Kensington Market on your break for a variety of custom gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that won’t break the bank.

Seven Lives Tacos
If you’ve never had the Gobernator, you need to get on that, stat. This is another Kensington Market spot that will change the way you view lunch. Some of the best tacos in the city can be found here for 9 bucks or less.

La Cubana
This tasty Roncey spot is always packed, because where else in this city are you going to find delicious Cuban sandwiches for $8 -$9?

Kupfert and Kim
If you’re a health nut, vegan, or gluten free, Kupfert and Kim is your spot for a lunch that comes in under a ten-spot. Health food restaurants tend to be ridiculously overpriced, but this one manages to be affordable – as long as you choose wisely.

Khao San Road
If you’re in the mood for Thai, this is the place to go come lunchtime. Each day of the workweek you can get their curry of the day for $9. That’s a steal in this city – especially considering how delicious the curry is at Khao.


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