5 Things to Learn From Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

First thing’s first: We’re not here to sway your vote or to influence you one way or another. We don’t have an angle or an agenda. But when the mayor of Toronto steps onto the international (celebrity) stage and produces such a monumental fail, it’s pretty hard to pretend that all is well – especially when Rob Ford is trending on Twitter all night long and nearly everyone who’s ever even heard of social media is commenting on what’s taking place on Jimmy Kimmel. Which is why we put together a list of things we can learn from Ford’s interview so the next time you find yourself in the hot seat you’ll know how to handle it.

Know Your Audience
Throwing out t-shirts and referring to them as customers isn’t going to get an audience on your side if they’re only in attendance to witness some form of entertainment. You can’t play up to people who’ve already been warmed up by someone funnier and obviously prefer the interviewer to whoever you are. In this situation, it’s best to stay within yourself and just try to keep up, not jump ahead. Once he settled in and accepted he was going to be the butt of the joke all night long, this was actually the best category for Ford.   

Choose Your Words Wisely

“Everyone’s a customer”
How exactly is Ford representing the taxpayers of the GTA by heading down to L.A. to do an interview during which he promotes himself as much as our city?

“Actions speak louder than words”
Ford said this just 2:07 in after Kimmel had finished leading him through a video montage of incredibly embarrassing actions.

“The apologies are over”
Until they aren’t. He’s simply said this too many times for it to be believable.

“The media up in Toronto is a lot different than down here”
Perhaps that has to do with the fact he’s, you know, Toronto’s mayor.

“I wasn’t elected to be perfect”
Well, that’s a relief.  

Appearances Matter
Don’t believe us? Ask Richard Nixon. In the first debate leading up to the 1960 presidential election, Nixon refused make-up and was not nearly as well rested as his counterpoint, JFK. Nixon came across looking tired, pale, and sick while Kennedy looked like a healthy and competent young man. You know who didn’t look like a healthy young man? Rob Ford. When the host has to dab your forehead less than five minutes into the interview, this is not a good thing.

Know Your Interviewer
Kimmel seemed genuinely baffled by Ford’s willingness to appear on the show. “Why are you here? What good could come of this? Have you ever seen this show?” Which got us thinking – why was Ford there? As far as we know, Kimmel doesn’t pay Canadian taxes or live in the GTA, so it’s pretty hard to view him as a customer. Ford should have known what was coming (the video montage wasn’t funny – it was painful) and should have been better prepared to keep up with Kimmel. If Jimmy hadn’t saved Ford by talking so much, things really could have gotten out of control.  

Don’t Involve a Muppet
If the guy in the chair after you is a Muppet and that Muppet comes across as more articulate (Gonzo used the word pejorative for crying out loud), more together, more reasonable, and more real, you are in deep trouble.  

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