10 Food Trends We Hope Die in 2017

One day you can’t go a minute without stepping on a taco shell and the next you can’t find a quinoa burger to save your life.

Like in fashion and fitness, trends in food come and go at the speed of a shared plate. Some are embraced with open mouths, while others we hope never grace a menu again.

Here are 9 food trends we hope die in 2017….



Yes, it’s great. No, we don’t want to see or hear the word ever again.

The Paleo Diet

There is essentially no reason for anyone to embark on the Paleo diet for health reasons.

Cauliflower rice

This one’s objectively wrong. There’s rice, and there’s grated cauliflower. They cannot be one and the same.

Pea milk

“Would you like regular milk, almond milk, or pea milk,” we were asked at a smoothie bar recently. Please don’t ask us again in 2017.



Proof that the right marketing can persuade anyone to like garbage. Mystery meat is a bad idea no matter how dressed up it is.


Again, nothing against turmeric – we just don’t want to hear you boast about it anymore.


Can we all just be honest with ourselves and admit sharing a tiny plate of food with eight people sucks?

Asian twists

2016 was the year of putting an “Asian twist” on everything from comfort foods to cereal. Pancakes just don’t need kimchi.

Coconut everything


There are plenty of reasons to use coconut oil, milk, or flower in the kitchen. New rule for 2017: Do so sparingly. Not everything we eat should come with a tinge of coco.


Oh shit, we went there. Just trying to get a reaction out of you.