Must Try: Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins

New on the Montreal restaurant scene, Le Comptoir Charcuterie et Vins (4807 St. Laurent) is a nook in the culinary world to be reckoned with. Open every night of the week for dinner, Monday through Friday for lunch, and Sunday for brunch, this small space is where you can find great wine, amazing charcuterie, and the best of Montreal’s scene. 

Comptoir, meaning ‘old lab’, is a place where you can go for a late dinner with a friend, indulge in good food and wine, and watch as the chefs do their magic behind an open kitchen. All their charcuteries are house-cured and served very young; their sommelier, Jack Jacob, specializes in organic wines from small-hold vineyards and chooses the perfect reds and whites to accompany Chef Segue Lepage’s menu. 

Beyond charcuterie (probably the best in the city), Lepage and his brother Noe have come up with an innovative and creative menu, whether for lunch or dinner (or even brunch), that will have you coming back time and time again for more. Some of our favorite dishes, which are displayed on a blackboard menu that changes seasonally, are their pressed smoked meat sandwich with cheddar cheese and cumin mustard, and warm salads that are a cut above any other warm salad we have tried. We highly recommend their roasted cauliflower with anchovy, arugula and breadcrumb salad; or their halibut with cucumber, feta, herbs, and tempura onions.  We also suggest indulging in their albacore tuna confit and their marinated salmon served with celery root, onion vinaigrette and parmesan. On the heavier, meatier side of things, you must try their short ribs served with celery root puree and onion and red wine glaze, or their chicken confit cannelloni. 

For a dip into their lunch and brunch choices, there are some menu items you simply can’t go without. Their linguine bolognaise is one of our favourite bolognaise in the city. If you are into a salad for lunch, try their warm lentil salad. On the brunch side, go for their croque monsieur served with mustard béchamel sauce, poached egg and cheddar cheese, or their hot smoked sausage served with marinated beets, onion vinaigrette and poached eggs. 

Needless to say, this foodie hot spot is worth a visit. Put it on your restaurant list as a prime choice for a new regular neighborhood spot!