These Cool New Planters Are Designed With Their Own Light Sources

House plant loving apartment dwellers who only have North-facing windows, or below-grade accommodations, have a new solution to their low light problems. These structural new planters by Barcelona design firm Goula/Figuera were designed with their own light sources and misters.

Designers Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera designed their new collection of sculptural home planters to have an LED light positioned directly above or adjacent to the plant, for its own light source and to highlight the design of the plant too.


modern-matte-black-planter-home-decor-180317-1204-03 modern-matte-black-planter-home-decor-180317-1204-01 modern-matte-black-planter-home-decor-180317-1204-02

via Contemporist

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